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Originally Posted by EDDAKA View Post
Problem is that the set screw is hard to access while it's inside the body. This also means you have to unscrew it everytime you adjust your velocity.

I bought about 10 nylon set screws from CCI a couple weeks ago. They're pretty cheap and hardly ever wear out if used properly.

I guess the difference is that I've had my TPC in the same spot for a while now. I chrono'd at 270 and counted the turns on my TPC so that everytime I take apart my gun I just reset it to the same spot before putting it back together and tightening the set screw. I re-chrono everytime I go out and it's always the same velocity so I haven't had to adjust it since then, plus 270 keeps me safe all day as things heat up. If I had to change it, the set screw will hold it steady, it's just a little hard to move and moving it with the set screw locked down will wear it out faster. Though at 15 cents a pop I'm not that concerned and like you I've got about 10 of em' sitting around just in case
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