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Dye Carbon Fiber Boomstick

So today I got my new Dye CF Boomstick, was eager to see this design up close. I have not shot it yet, this is just inspection of the barrel.


Package: To start off it comes in a stylish designed box. Made of cardboard but with high gloss design print. My first thought was little over the top, then I remembered this costs 150 greens. Inside the barrel is split into 2 pieces front and back, they sit VERY snuggly in a dense rubber cutout. There was no way these were going to shift or become damaged, VERY well secured and protected. One of first things I noted was a "Made in Taiwan" sticker on the box, I know some people will find that discouraging.

Tip: The tip is aluminum and has same porting design as all other Dye tips. This barrel tip has one slight change, the tip is milled down at very end of the tip similar to Proto barrels. My guess is to make this barrel more exclusive cause there is no way you can tell the weight difference. I personally HATE Proto tips, I call them penis barrels. This tip is not as bad as Proto tips though, it has less of an angle to it so its flatter and it also still has the grooves milled.

Back: The back has 3 materials being used from what I can tell.
First is the carbon fiber protection sleeve around the middle of the back.
Second is the SS insert, which is a simple single sleeve about as thick as your finger nail. It looks like a simple straight tube from the inside and runs whole length that a paintball will travel.
Third is aluminum which looks like it runs the whole length of barrel back. I am not sure without taking whole thing apart destroying it in the process. The entire back threaded area is aluminum for sure. I believe aluminum runs through middle of barrel, holding the SS and CF, and comes all way out with aluminum threading at front.
If you inspect one close you can see the SS sleeve ending both front and back and is not connected to any part of the threaded area material where it ends. The Dye logo that looks like a long tear drop appears to be SS, and is most likely what holds SS in place. The SS insert is also colored black somehow. It does not appear to be powder coated, not sure what it is.

Problems: I found one problem very quickly, the Dye logo on one side sticks out more than on the other side. Guns like cockers/mags/AKA that have areas under where barrel screws in might have some trouble. I could not screw it onto my works cocker because the logo was scrapping that area, I also had very tight fit with my Exile mag body lip scrapping it. Now the logo that is more sunk in fits fine, but the problem with that one is the edge of CF is exposed, leaving the only sign of potential I could find on the barrel for CF to be damaged or unwoven. A tighter quality control would fix this problem, but you can not identify it until a barrel is completed, and no company would scrap a barrel completed. The good news is this does not effect most modern guns like DM/Luxe/Shocker, Egos might have a problem though.

Overall: The barrel weight is about same as ultralight, maybe even a tad lighter. This was only from holding it in my hands. The barrel also balances in the middle. The control bore is indeed about 1 inch longer than other Dye bores, this makes 14 inch tips feel like 16 inch. I did a few blow through tests, compared to another .688 UL, the CF was easier to blow paint through than the UL. The finish on the inside is the best finish I have felt on a barrel. It felt like touching liquid when I put my finger inside. I have about 50 barrels, and I feel this one has best interior finish I have felt and seen so far, and it is smoother than older SS boomstick I have which is still like new.

Score: I give this a 6/10. -1 for the price. -3 for the logo problem, buying a barrel and not being able to screw it onto a gun with same threading is inexcusable. Note this score is not for how it shoots, but overall product and finish.

I could not help but laugh at old heavy brick matrix with a CF barrel on it

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