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Originally Posted by Steven_Spinosa View Post
Yes, I'm selling another automag pistol I built. Yes, I've missed every single 'mag pistol I've ever built. Yes, I'm going to regret this later, especially since it's my last one, but I could really use the money.
Sale notes: Cleric gets first shot at this. Anyone I've done business with in the past gets $80 off.

I spent two years gathering the parts to make this:
·GZ 12-gram lever changer.
·PT Junior spring feed.
·NOXX Custom feed adapter plate.
·ACI Felon barrel.
·Micromag clone body, dust black, with purple anno angel detent.
·Purple alumagrips.
·One of those Gripstyx fat-hands-friendly gripframes you kiddies are so nuts about.
·Stainless Hard line.
·Oversized thumb screw velocity adjuster.
$400 shipped. Paypal is king.
A pair of stock A5's in working order.
Gold & silver ounces (no joke - send troy weight in value).
An actual firearm (offer up!).
Nice build! FYI, the Felon barrel was made in Chicago by a company named Felon, not ACI. Sweet barrels though. Had one for awhile, but it was too short for me.
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