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Question Iffy Transaction

Bought three CCM guns from him (S6, SS25 and T2) , semi successful sale. He included all the the guns and small accessories. He however completely forgot the barrels to the S6 and T2, additionally the reg was rebuilt wrong on the T2 and didn't include the set screw. As of right now, I'm out about $50 worth of extras that were originally included in the deal, but he has not refunded me for.

Communication was great while he needed money, but I've tried talking to him about my owed items and nothing. Communication is nonexistent, yet he's been online since I've pm'd him.

If anybody has any questions, feel free to pm me.

edit: After a few weeks magmasta contacted me and resolved the issue. I've received the barrels and compensation for the set screw. We're square as of right now. Thanks.

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