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Well, im guessing pump kits would sell.....
Gas thru grips?....
How about a double barrel...32bps! J/K
Any current mag owner may be interested in cosmetic parts...
I mostly agree with the sentiment of making enrty level type markers like the "ion" for example. Altho this is not what I may be interested in, I would assume the majority of todays marker buyers are younger people sold on speedball, and with limited cash. At least an entry level marker could get them started in the joys of mag ownership, and lead to a large market for aftermarket parts? Like the "ion"?...Bah I am not comfortable suggesting such a quality company lower their standards, like the "ion"
I see the mags overall design as a big part of why im interested in them, Blow forward, non stacked tube, interchangeable bodies...I also like the "feel" of the marker, solid and substansial. Not to mention the valve star system, nice to know that the manufacturer will stand by their product.
Perhaps innovation is in order?..... AGD seems to be a company known for that? Or has it all been done?...
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