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It has come to my attention that Ken does not have a review thread here. This is a travesty that cannot continue! Here's a quick review from me, hopefully others who have some KPCS pieces will chime in as well. Overall, I don't have enough thumbs to put up.

I'm a repeat KPCS customer; I'm one of the original Ditto Deuce owners and just picked up a Ma-Deuce-A II. One of the things I like most about Ken's work is that it's obviously well thought out and designed pre-fabrication; he doesn't just cobble together a bunch of parts to make a working marker. When he does incorporate factory parts, they are integrated into the design so that they both function precisely and flow aesthetically with the custom-built bits. While the Ditto used quite a few factory Phantom parts, the frame and tray with 2 stage trigger is simple and effective. This was especially evident when I checked out the MDAII in person, which is clearly not just a cocker body with a second barrel glommed on. The inline cocking rod running between the barrels is solid and gives the pump a great feel (can't twist it if you tried), and despite the extra meat between the tubes everything is trimmed down so the gun is still surprisingly lightweight. The barrel spacing to accommodate the centerline cocking also has the added bonus of enabling the use of any set of barrels out there without worrying about interference. Similarly, the backblock is beefy enough to be sturdy and functional, but minimalist enough to stay lightweight. As for the Riptide milling..well there's not much to say that the pictures below can't tell you, other than it is almost impossibly smooth and uniform not only with itself but across both tubes, impressive for true 3D mill work. Carving wavy grooves in the side of a flat chunk of metal is one thing, but Ken definitely one-ups most of the "custom milling" I've seen.

I haven't had the pleasure of shooting the Ma yet (I'm still getting pneus, and will probably try it out as a mech semi), but the Ditto doesn't just look good, it performs. The breeches are drilled true so the barrels shoot parallel, and independent velocity adjustment and the two-stage trigger make chrono'ing a breeze. The standard AT is still functional with the trigger fully pulled, making it a snap to really lay down some paint if you get bored shooting one (or two) balls at a time.

A few pics, although they don't do justice to the guns or the finish. The PC job on the MDAII is especially amazing, as it changes from a blue to a green tint as light hits it differently. I've seen PC jobs before that look like a thick coat of paint, but aside from being perfectly uniform with no surface imperfections (and obviously the sparkles), this is virtually indistinguishable from anodizing.

Ditto Deuce (have since ditched the drop and use Sportshots)

Ma-Deuce-A II (pics stolen from Ken as my camera is still packed..)

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