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Should the TPX come in colors?

I'm back from my recent 'Mine Ride of Massive Unpleasantness' and looking forward to settling back into my belt and playing some paintball!

After a chance to check out this beauty yesterday, I think Tippmann would be missing the boat if they don't make colors and sell aftermarket halves!!! That's not a paintjob, the actual body is green. In person it's awesome! I guess they can dye the body any color they like, I've even seen a pink one!

Team colors, tactical choices like olive or sand, I just think this is something that tippmann should offer!
Nice change!

We need to make our wishes known on this. I also think people like me who want to customize the grip and mod this or that would be a lot more common, if folks knew they could just buy an extra shell and work on that one. They would sell alot of them I'm sure!

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