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Originally Posted by AyoPrayer View Post
Send some pictures to me in a pm so I can make them smaller. Big pictures give me the biggest headache.
Sorry about the big pictures, i have resized them and sent them to you as well.

Originally Posted by blackrain View Post
I'm interested in the skull kit.however for my skull autococker. I can provide skulls to cut cost if need be. I can even fill with epoxy. I know it will need two,due to center rod length,maybe even 3.

Please PM me details.

Pm me and we talk about it and go from there. I have more requests for cocker kits but presently i only have a trilly to prototype from.

Originally Posted by ChaosPhoenix View Post
Do you plan to offer other designs for handles on your kits anytime soon? I am very interested in one.

Also, what if I had something I wanted turned into a pump handle, could make a kit from that?
I am looking into other things such as dice and pool balls but am open to suggestions.
Pm me and we can go from there.
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