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Originally Posted by Jackson View Post
15 round allows you to reload without nearly emptying your feed tube. It allows you to do "tactical" reloads, topping off your supply.
This. It is annoying when you are about to do a move where you will need 4 shots, but you only have 2 in the feed tube, with a 10 round feed tube you either end up with 2 balls bouncing around a 10 round tube (which you must close and store, rather than just stuff in a pocket) or you toss the balls on the ground (when you buy a case loosing a few is no big deal, when you only buy 100...). Thus the 15 round feed tube is nice, but like people say it is too long for some setups and shooting styles.

angelpena I may cut down my 15 round feed tube, what did you use?
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