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Orange Mini, tank, hopper

This was a Christmas present for my 13 year old last year. He has maybe 4 or 5 cases through it and prefers playing pump with his old man. So the gun. Is mint with some barrel scratches on the tip of the barrel. The tank is a Nitro Duck with a PE reg. The tank was re-hydro'ed in 7/08. The hopper is a Velocity Jr. XSV model with no stickers. The Gun has sat all summer and just need to go. Heres the deal. 225.00$ for the gun shipped and Pay-palled. 100.00$ for the tank shipped and Pay-palled. 55.00$ For the loader shipped and Pay-palled. If you want all three 325.00$ Shipped and Pay-palled. If you have an S-5 or SS-25 straight up. If you have an S-6 or T-2 or Buzzard I will add. Any questions just PM me and if you have no feed back you will be shipping first. I'm old and take great care of my stuff as well as my kids, I have some feedback on PBN and BTWarrior thanks for looking..............Feyd........
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