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After seeing some photos from a SPPL event... yes you need fire rate control.

1... you want it to be realistic.. the 50 round per hopper cap is nice, but should be dropped further to 30, except for the heavy gunner. 30 would be realistic... maybe allow a team to "buy" more capacity with points.... They take negative points have more hopper capacity. THey might get 300 points in a game and win, but they get knocked down points for the hopper capacity they bought.

2.... high BPS in the SWAT houses is just nuts. That close an engagement range does not need high BPS. That should be semi only and maybe 10-12 bps.

3. If you wanted it to be really realistic, you wouldn't allow e-guns on the field at all... all mech and pump or bolt action. Maybe allow an e-gun for your heavy gunner.

As it is.. I just see this as a different field format for speedball teams that are bored and are looking for a new flavor of the month.

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