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F/s/t: P68-sc::sold

Bought as a project marker that never fully took off:

Has a speed gate, SP camo wood grips modded to fit, ball count slots cut in the feed tube. Also comes with a Palmers Quicksilver. The marker has not been modded to drop out the 12g yet so that is a must if you want to use the Quicksilver. Light valve work done before I got my hands on it, here in FL it gets about 30 shots at 260-275fps. Maybe less if you take it to the cold up north . Looking to get SOLD obo. Maybe trades for:

Phantom SC body w/ breech and feed preferred
Phantom barrels
Phantom undercocking kit...Pun's preferred
12gram bucket changers
Sniper if 2k+ w/ CCM or WWA pump kit
Anything to do with a Tiberius pistol...mags, pistol, holsters

Obviously if the trade item is worth more than I am asking I add, worth less than you add.
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