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Originally Posted by chevysany1? View Post
ive looked at that option a few times but ive been playing with that reg as a "grip" you can say..thats why i was hoping i can have something similar to that..would istill run into problems by getting a gas-thru??
So you pump the marker, let go of the pump and grab the reg, shoot, let go of the reg and grab the pump, pump the marker, repeat after every time you shoot? You can't have a very high rate of fire and it would be almost impossible for you to take advantage of the Phantom's autotrigger. Even the people that shoot Snipers and other pumps don't hold them the way you do (unless they have a hitman mod on the pump).

If you are going to hold it that way you really should look into a hitman mod (if you can find one for your pump kit). It might be worth considering changing your method of holding the pump.

Or if the reg can handle CO2 then it might, might be worth switching to CO2.
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