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By Velcor, I think I've got it.

I locktited the screw on the left side of the three-way collar... I know this is ill-advised, but it kept slipping off.

Then, I figured out that I wasn't cranking up the Rock LPR pressure enough. I also made sure that the hammer lug was pretty far down so that it fires right before the three-way activates the ram.

So, I finally get a shot and re-cock with every full pull of the trigger, no missed shots.

Tomorrow, I will try to chrono this durn thing, if I don't run out of paint and/or air first.

The challenge I am facing is that the palmer's stabilizer that I have just came back from the shop. That's normally good, but it had a note saying that it is high-pressure... originally, I had this stabilizer on my pro/carbine, but I don't need it there after my switch to a HPA tank that has consistent output at approx. 750PSI.

Sooo... I have no idea where the inline adjusting screw needs to be in order to get 280FPS. Even if the stabilizer has HP internals, I am going to get between 0-750PSI, right? I needs to get about 400-500 PSI to get good velocities.

In retrospect, timing the cocker doesn't seem that hard. Getting field-usable velocities is going to be the trickiest part.
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