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On second thought, I think I am going to wait until I am at a field so that I have an ample supply of paint and air...

Question: would a good way of chronoing be

1) Totally back out the LPR screw

2) Adjust the inline reg pressure and manually cock and fire each shot until the desired velocity is acheived

3) Crank up the LPR to get the ram to re-cock the marker.

The reason I am thinking about this approach is that my understanding is that the LPR needs to be re-adjusted whenever the inline reg is adjusted. I have no idea where the inline is going to be set at with this marker to get 280 FPS.

Also, my understanding about the purpose of the inline reg on the autococker was that WGP was trying to solve the problem of fluctuating CO2 pressure. AGD did the same thing with the automag... bring the pressure down to 400-500 PSI, which is below average pressure of CO2. Then, your pressure will be more consistent and also lower than the power source.

I've seen pictures of autocockers with a CO2 tank screwed into the vert ASA, so that leads me to believe that my cocker should achieve usable velocities at 700-900psi. Also, I'm guessing that if I set a lower pressure (400-500psi), I'll need to increase the hammer spring's tension.

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