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Supernova Problems

I have developed a leak on the underside of the body above the triggerframe of my Nova. When gassed up it starts to hiss out just above and behind the area around the trigger between the body and the actual triggerframe itself. I belive it is an over presure release hole but i'm not sure, There used to be a step by step breakdown on Warpig of a supernova with actual pictures but I can not find it now. All i can find is the pdf breakdown of the nova 700 as is in the FAQ here can someone please help me fix my nova and get it back in service *begs*.
A little extra on it, When it first started leaking it was from the front and I pulled the guts out of it beads, spoolvalve and all. replaced the O-rings, oiled it, checked for broken or scuffed parts. Nothing was amiss so I reassembled it and was left with this problem and I am getting a bit doubtful I will ever see it run again.
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