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I have to give Rob a big F. Traded a black CCM pump handle for a green handle. USPS confirmed delivery and he said the handle was received and that my handle was in the mail...that was one month ago...Nov.1. I sent my handle within a week, I have not seen a handle nor have I seen a reply to numerous PM's that I have sent over the past month.

I know that life happens and paintball is not a priority at times, but at least Rob could offer me a response - especially since he's been at the sight.

Looking at his other feedback, this is probably par for the course - but in the other cases, Rob came through.

I thought that "Playing since 1984" and having "The Pride" posted in his sig, should mean something - otherwise why put them there?

Update - after 2 months, no green CCM pump handle - ARGH!!!!!! He still hasn't replied to ANY of my PM's - what a wimp.....

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