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Bunch of stuff for Sale Most New L-Stock 100th Monkey etc...

Let's get right to it, all prices include shipping. Think my prices are too high, PM me an offer.

Prices are listed in the order of the pics

L-Stock - $25 shipped
Phantom Body with trimmed feed for Ego feedneck. - $14 shipped
new 100th Monkey Headband Black - SOLD to casper
new 100th Monkey Rasta Wristbands - SOLD to casper
new 100th Monkey Real Tree Headband - SOLD
Coil Remote with fittings - $16 shipped
new Tippmann Reg ASA - Sold to storminnorman
new Spyder VS Vert Teg Adapter - $10 shipped
new Spyder VS CP Trigger with Bearing - $9 shipped
new ANS Phase II Automag Reg Back - SOLD to El Camino

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