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Maybe I can sell it as "art"

So, my wife asks me if one of her coworkers can possibly borrow some paintball gear for a bachelor party over the weekend. Of course, never wanting to miss the opportunity to introduce someone to the sport, I make sure he has a decent setup....Model 98, a flex 7 mask, a full 20 oz CO2 tank with a recent hydro date, 3 pods and a pod pack. And, I threw in a pods worth of paint just to get him started. She brought it all to work with her the next day. So, he comes back from the weekend and says he had a blast, and to thank me he made sure to fill up the CO2 tank again, and gave me the leftover paintballs he didn't use in my pods. Nice gesture! However, I guess I should have written down a few of the rules of thumb for't store your paint in the hot trunk of your car then travel 300 miles. Anyhow, I went to check the pods to see what was in there, and....voila! I call it "La Tube du Paint."
Kinda cool looking though....almost like metallic blue scales on the flatter side. Man, they are WELDED together! LOL. Kinda looks like one of those molecular models from highschool, especially w/the blue and red!

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