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My tips-

Be in the front, or be invisible.

As a pistol player, you are basically like a SC player, with different advantages, and different hindrances. In speedball, you should be up front. You dont have a lot of shots to throw from longball range. You need to be on point, snapping out, using your small marker size to your advantage. Make sure your back players are covering you, because if your opponent hears that hiss noise of a 12 gram changing, he may decide to bunker you.

In the woods, dont be seen. Flank, hit, disappear, and repeat. You can cause a lot of damage being in behind the enemy. You are running light and maneuverable, a pistol, some tubes and twelve grams.

You should be able to disappear into the brush whenever you want. Being able to holster your main marker gives you a lot of flexibility in the woods. You can move small branches, get down on all fours easily, and you dont have extra gear hanging off of you to snag brush. Use all that to your advantage.
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