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I prefer to be invisible. Nothing better then sneaking up behinda guywho is on his knees and shooting him in the arse. Also a small bag, like say a Crown Royal bag looped off your belt is a great place to store spent 12grams and cigar tubes. Gravity helps draw the string tight and keep it closed. Feild owners and staff HATE cleaning up undo mess. Also if you are new to Pistol play and are using a semi like a Zues or Overlord remember to COCK the gun BEFORE you pop a 12 gram in! Also when "droping" a 12gram into the gun make sure you don't just "slam" or shove it in to hard. The pierce pin can and has been known to do its job and peirce the 12 gram if its thrown in to hard and then you have a mini metal projectile. Trust me Refs do NOT find it funny to get slaped in the back of the head with a Co2 rocket. I have found for me the best way is to slide the 12gram in barrel downthen tip the marker up while screwing the changer cap in. With practice you can do this fairly quickly.
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Kick back and enjoy the atmosphere, sexy girls at my school keep me sane through the worst lectures by the worst professors

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