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i got this done awhile ago but figured id post to show his work

story: i sent it to jcurt looking for an ego type cut. after a few days, i sent him a pm asking how it is coming along. he sent me a picture, but it was a straight cut. i told him about the mistake, and he offered to buy a new body to redo it. i told him not to worry, and since so much was gone, i asked him to take as much weight off as possible to make one light gun. best customer service i have ever had, having him offer me a new body and new cut and everything. i felt like he really appreciated my business. thanks
-wannabe mini
-shaved the bottom down
-ego feedneck mod
-removed barrel guide

my final product

smooth as butter, actually seemed smoother than my ccm bolt when it was full block

A+ jcurt, loved it, but the gun unfortunately was sold, and then molested (spray paint, drilled, midget)

im sending a RF to him on monday to half and some more stuff, looking forward to it, thanks jcurt

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