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Another thing to remember is that you do have time to take aim. You get to your shooting position faster than the average guy with the average gun, and you can use that momentary advantage by converting that time into a well placed shot. It feels wierd to be exposed since someone who shoots a "normal" marker knows you don't have time to do this when using one, but one of the biggest mistakes people make with pistols is neglecting this advantage because it "feels wrong to be opened up like that."

Moving up quickly works really well if you know you can lose their attention. If they walk past you, you then have the perfect shot on them. If you can't move up without making them paranoid and searching for you, then move up along the flank and try to find momentary advantage in angles while they shoot at your teammates, just make sure not to pop out unless you know they don't have more than one angle on you as well, because if one spots you, one guy can have you essentially pinned by cover fire and effectively neutralized while the remaining opponents continue to play on your teammates..

IMO carrying doubles doesn't mean you have to use them both, using either is fine. It's still nice to have the extra firepower if necessary though. I'm looking to mirror my TAC this season but I couldn't see using both except to make a spectacle of myself, which I intend on doing often.

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