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I've always enjoyed playing pistol, but I still find new things to learn about it all the time, so it keeps paintball fresh for me.
Personally, I always wear two but mostly use them one at a time because I can reload my primary so fast. It's important to the way I play pistol(painthog style ) that I keep both my guns reloaded and I've really done everything to them that I can, to speed up that reloading process, like a competitor in any firearm pistol venue would do.
A byproduct of that is a ton of 'manual of arms' drill that makes me itchy if I go two weeks without piercing a 12g. It's normal for me to use 10 to 15 co2s a day when I play, especially with fresh ones for chrono and rechrono and game starts and such.
Here's my two days at the Global Conquest Big Game in 2006:

If you can get to a point where you can literally pour paint and co2 into your pistol as fast as you can fire it, then playing pistol becomes something different, more of a lifestyle choice than a handicap. Getting to that point however, takes an obsessive streak a mile wide. Give me another few years!!!

When you break from cover, drawing both guns and being able to shoot with either hand lets you cover two directions at once. Then if a person appears you only have to turn your head and acquire your sights on that side instead of possibly having to pivot or turn your whole torso to bring a single gun to bear and then reacquire the sights on target anyway. Definitely quicker as long as you can hit with either hand. By starting your right hand moving to the target after next immediately after you fire and then switching focus to the left, firing it's shot then moving it, then switching focus back you can engage a higher number of targets than any person with one gun. This is an impractical thing to train, so no military or police would even try to teach it, but in 20 years of paintball a person could start to learn to do it on their own, so why not start now, if you haven't already?

Most of the time I use the second gun as a reserve to fight my way out to a reload spot or as a long range weapon.
I often wear my P68SC pump pistol as a sidearm to my zeus, it has a flexhoned barrel and a Cooper-T undershot bolt(Backspins similar to an A-5 Flatline barrel).
If I get trapped in the second rank or get pinned in a corner of the field, I can usually carry so much further under the overhanging trees at Hell Survivors in Mi with that undershot bolt that I'm able to get some nice eliminations from people who don't believe I could hit them and then I get to catch my breath during the inevitable Chrono check
The TAG8 I've got has really grown on me in the last year as a sidearm to the zeus, because(among many reasons) the magazine is parallel to the ground when the gun is holstered(instead of the balls being stacked vertically like in my zeus or most holstered pistols) it's very gentle on the paint and doesn't crush it in the mag, especially depending on the strength of your mag spring. Usually my gear APPEARS to have rolled down a hill in a barrel or it HAS rolled down a hill in a barrel after every game.

Good times!
We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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