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Originally Posted by DJYELLA.COM View Post
this photo is around about 1985, maybe 1986, it was on a day that we went and played this team from upnorth, they beat us the first game, they new about a back door through a sewer pipe that they did not tell us about, but after that we spanked that *** all day, the team was called Those Guys, and the brothas was called JUst Us, we also played in the SC village games called The Big Game or something like that, that was when they opened up the whole field 2 play the game, back then it was about 150 per side,mid 80's
When I saw this photo, it was quoted somewhere as being Conquest Malibu Mid 80's. But that background scenery is not the original Conquest (now up to version 4) and your back story Anton confirms what I suspected.
So, do you remember this field being up in the Northern San Fernando Valley?

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