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Originally Posted by shartley View Post
Correct. There are few to any who have jumped into producing front wrap grips without them being CNC'd..... except me. But I am not making them any more. I may make some again at some point, but folks should not hold off buying grips waiting on mine.

I've made some full wraparound for the PGP and I'll probably make myself some full wraparound for the AGD frame (the old metal ones have a little extra room). No CNC, just careful work with a router.

The time involved in making these and finishing them is outrageous, most people decide they would rather have a cheaper mass-produced item, like the SP wood grips.

So I'm only making them for myself, but as soon as I get one set made for the AGD grip I'll sell my SP wood grip (the one you are looking for).

But shartley is #1, no doubt about that. Might be worth the wait.
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