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My new Miltec G2

Recently I bought myself a new gun to replace my worn Armotech Zeus G2. I've fired well over 30,00 rounds of paint through the old Zeus and while it's still working okay now, it's days are numbered.
I have had an ACP, a PTX and a Warsensor G2+, all since I got this original Armotech and none have measured up and so I kept looking. Recently Miltec(who were already importing milsim rifle-type markers that were identical and parts compatible with the old Armotech long guns), announced they were reintroducing the original Zeus G2 as the Miltec G2, so I had to see for myself.

I've mentioned at more length in other places why I prefer the Armo/Miltec design to the other JABBs, but I can sum it up as parts availability. All of the other pistol designs are riddled with proprietary threads and proprietary parts and worst of all, proprietary pierce pins! Between 6 mags and enough parts to have a decent toolbox you could spend what a custom piece might cost you!
The Armo and now Miltec read like this. Spyder cupseal, spyder valve spring, spyder valve, tippmann prolite mainspring and a CCI Phantom pierce pin! The CCI brand pierce pins can last 1,000 changes instead of the average 100 I get with warsensor types(I can replace the seals but the pins wear out) and I can order them from Phantom online or call CCI and get a pierce pin for $6!

The threads for the co2 plug(which for the metric other versions will run you $20!) on a miltec are ASA threads! So any easily available five dollar ASA plug can get you back in the action.

It also still has the M1911 grip frame. I'm a big fan of the 45 grip to put it mildly. I will tell anyone that excels with any other grip, that had they spent the same amount of time training with a 45 grip they'd be a better shot. That's why 96 years after 1911, SIGarms are bringing out a 1911 model true to the original as Smith and Wesson has also recently done. You can't improve some things.

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