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I guess I wasn't very clear, sorry about that guys!

The Carbine/98/A5 spring is too short and requires bigtime shimming. I use an actual extra section of another spring I chopped up for that purpose.

The Pro-lite springs, if you can get them, are too long but can be trimmed to work on their own without little extra sections that get lost during disassembly/reassembly for cleaning.

Aside from length, by the way, the Pro-Lite and Carbine/98/A5 springs are identical.

I hope that makes more sense!

Yes, the pin held velocity adjuster you see on my Armotech is a mod I put on it. The original V/A was threaded and I went through two and said the heck with it, I bought a Warsensor V/A and drilled a hole in my Armotech for it. This Warsensor V/A also fits in the Miltec G2.

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