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Post What would be the perfect scenario day for *you*?

I personally love role playing, and I like having goals to achieve rather than just running around shooting people.

A lot of scenario games I've played in though, it's hard to get into the game...for example, playing a "Transformers" game. I simply didn't feel like a giant robot who could transform into a cassette player.

Also, just running around shooting people without goals to me feels like playing baseball without bothering to run the bases, or football games that don't use downs or touchdowns.

What would you like to see in a scenario game? Would you like teams where you could really get into character, like in D&D or LARP'ing, or even a good video game for that matter? What goals do you like to achieve; scavenger hunts, sabotage missions, rescue missions, cool special weapons etc? What level of depth would you like to see; special areas of the field that could be unlocked for example?
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