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Epic_Scottsman's Feed Back

Purchased tac one parts for my Tac -One Dec 15th

Still havent recieved parts, and there is no more communication... Havent heard from him since Dec 25...

I was forced to put a paypal claim against him, which he has yet to respond to ....

The total Price was for 200 Dollars Us .

He currently is active on another paintball forum but continues to stay away from this one...

Buyers beware...

Edited January 12 - 2010

Currently Found out, he has made alot of shady deals in the past, currently on , When he did a shady deal with somebody, but the individual decided not to report him and destroy his name... This Person , stole my 200 dollars and will steal yours... Hes in the Canadian military , and he rips people off for paintball gear .... Watch out with this one.....
This account has been hacked by .... H.O.P.E.

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