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There are several places to get them now, for instance is a great seller, but at the time I ordered mine I went with

Great Place to buy it. I called the Miltec US phone number from one of the ads in APG and the phone rang at xtremez store, so I figured I was safe. I've only seen one G1 on ebay and as you can imagine G1 and G2 are pretty regular searches for me

Because I need a good surface on top of the mag to mill the front loading port the way I like and a good amount of metal on the front co2 section to mill the side dropout, I prefer this model.

Another thing I like about this model over the Warsensor is the balance of it. The Warsensor attempts to balance the Zeus G2+ like a real firearm handgun by putting a very heavy grip frame on it(Warsensor at bottom).

The Armo/Miltecs have a carbon fiber cutout grip, while the Warsensor has an aluminum grip that is not skeletonized at all! The Warsensor grip is supposedly a 'beretta' style. I ground that beavertail which made the gun shoot low for me off and the Warsensor grip was then identical in shape, size and width to the 45 grip, so I wonder if it's truly a beretta copy. The square front trigger guard of the Warsensor also hindered holstering motions, especially crouched in a bunker, like the excessive milling and top mounted magfollowers of the Ariakons.

I think paintball pistols have suffered the most when it comes to applying their firearm counterpart's principles incorrectly. When the recoil is light(like varmint rifles and paintguns), a front heavy balance will improve consistency. With Heavy relative recoil, like shotguns and handguns, the gun must be balanced to ride out the wave of recoil.

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