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Misc. parts, air stuff, SS lines, freaks

I have a bunch of items sitting in my toolbox/gearbag that I need to get rid of. Some stuff I know about and some stuff I don't. I'll try and describe everything to the best of my knowledge. Shipping to anywhere in the US is included. Payment via Paypal or USPS money order. If you're interested in multiple items, we'll talk story on price as shipping can be combined. If it's not listed, it's already gone.

Ergo front reg - $15 got in a trade and never aired up, good condition though
CO2 pin valve - $7 good condition
2 x chrome LPR - $12 for both threads stripped a little on one, and no barb, might be useful for parts. The other is in fair condition and includes barb
3 x beavertails - $10 for all 3 the 2 black ones are in fair condition, the System X got off a gun in a trade, looks like the previous owner cut the gun side to fit a wider grip frame. Still works, just a little loose when it's mounted
Ram - $7 barb on the back end but no barb on the front, rod is a little "eaten" with tool marks from removal
chrome 3 way - $10 great condition
white bolt - tell me you want it and if it fits in your package, it's yours. Got in a package deal, not sure what it fits, something that has the pin on the top.
misc. black parts not listed - don't know what they are. If it fits, it ships...if not, pay the shipping ($5.70 USPS small priority box w/confirmation) and it's yours. Looks like a vertical ASA adaptor or something, a rail of some sort, and ??? BLACK BOX WITH FINS GONE
Composite frame - $10 no idea
Microline setup off my phantom - $5 one side leaks sporadically. Changed to a hardline so I don't need it anymore.

90* macroline with short lengths of blue macroline - $7 came in a trade, I've never installed or used them
slide check - $4

Freak fronts - gloss black $20 each shorter one GONE
Freak insert - .689 $10

If some of the prices seem high to you, please offer up as it's all OBO. IF ITʻS NOT LISTED, ITʻS ALREADY GONE.

Thanks for looking. Mahalo!
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