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No Problem prien007,

I believe it may have been the old MCB where I discussed this with my original Armo. The plugs you see in the backs of the magazines in the pic I posted in my first post in this thread are the normal method and it takes a long time.

Rear load:
1. push the spring back
2. remove the rear plug
3. pour in paint(over the breech requiring the the gun to be tilted)
4. replace the rear plug
5. release the spring

Front load:
1. push the spring back
2. pour in paint
3. release the spring

That's obvious enough, but most people don't think it's a big deal because they stop at that calculation, but it's bigger than that. First the front load allows you to load muzzle up-gun ready instead of hunched over, gun pointing at the dirt(body language that will get you shot if I'm around), if I'm firing at any range at all I have the gun tilted enough that I don't even need the spring. I can leave it locked back and simply pour paint in as fast as I can shoot.
Second, replacing the plug requires you to look at the gun, even with the quick cap installed on a mag, you have to make sure it doesn't spin in such a way that it blocks the magazine off. Using the front load I literally don't have to look at all and routinely reload at a dead run with no fear of mishap.
The same applies to the dropout for the co2. It's a small savings in time really but the big deal is you no longer have to remove the co2 plug entirely, which means you don't have to try to start the threads on that cheese-metal plug while people are shooting at you!!! Starting the threads reliably requires looking at your gun and having to look at your gun gets you shot! Nobody else has to look at their gun, a pistol player can afford it least of all but is most likely to do it.

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