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Belsales Performance. A quality company which has been in the cocker business for a long time. If you can remember a few years back, Eclipse made their Nexus rams as well as their D.A.R.T. LPR's/Bolts and yadda, yadda, yadda...Belsales was really the one who made those parts, all Eclipse did was a little milling on them.

I believe Belsales is still making cockers. They just lowered the price on the Evo X.

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They actually still sell Evolutions, but they all come stock with eye holes. Apparently compulsive paintball is a dealer.
Yes, that is true, Evolutions all come stock with eyes holes even though they are mech. It's a shame, because it's got a beautiful body.

And yes Compulsive is a dealer for Belsales, which is very nice, so you don't have to get your parts directly from them in the U.K.
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