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The "get it out of my house sale!" phantom, shoe box etc

I recently moved in with my wife to be and sadly see does not see the artistic merit in a room full of paintball gear. Women....

So i have bits and pieces first, in the next few weeks a number of old style sterlings will follow as well as my precious diadem
Shipping is from Canada or if you frequent EMR I will bring your purchase down with me and it can be picked up at the CJ cabin
EVrything is obo, just needs to leave
shipping is not included

Pic #1 Phantom stuff, I'm out of touch with phantom stuff if prices are off, please let me know
-14" phantom stock barrel-22 obo
-18" drab olive phantom barrel by cci paid too much its NIB and has a removable end. $30
-side tapped phantom " " with or without the ~5" hunk of steel hose, brass fittings and slide check $14 without 25 with hose etc
-candy apple red aluminum pump handle- has a pair of small marks one by the pump arm hole and the other on the right hand rear 20$
-regular old stock pump arm SOLD12$
-Stock 45 grip 12$SOLD
-#2 pool ball pump- NIB pendign to dark armour15$ think i paid 20
-pewter stock class body, has a few scratches on the body, sight seems to be fairly permanent(came to me as it is now) SOLD25$
-right feed body jb welded to dovetail bought for parts, fine piece of tinker fodder 10$

Picture #2-Shoe box stuff- No more shoeboxes no need
DOW 33 8$ better than 3/4 full
hsw gas through (used for a sweet front mounted max flow setup) foregrip SOLD10$
- 2 stock impulse, shocker, ion threaded feedneck, pretty darn tall 3$ each
-stock bolt 3$
-4000 noid it's been so long since i looked at it not sure if it works-SOLDree with anything

Pic #3
Gravity hoppers- look like they have been used and have 3$ a pop
-ronin single barrel bag 5$
-homemade flame drop- not my work needs a little more love 5$
-prohunter sight 2x32 10$ dirty but functional
-t stocks 10$ for the pair plain jane SOLD
- pro teams products powerfeed adapter- SOLD5$
-copperhead sight need a new battery 3$
-MAverick without guts -"custom" with a screwdriver etched barrel, took in a trade 15$
-black neoprene revy cover 5$ wll be cleaned prior to shipping
-strange composite 12 gram lever changer works ok SOLD10$
- assorted steel braided 2x 3" 4" piece has a kink at one end, 12" piece is good 15 for the lot
Not pictured-
Black sterling rf with round delrin pump not rod, no internals 40$ or best offer

Please feel free to bargain, worst i can say is no.

looking for sterling parts
-single trigger frame for a mag
cocker barrels particularly a whole or part of a hammerhead kit, i will add for that

Thanks for looking,

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