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Originally Posted by ChaplainBane View Post
Prepare to be disappointed. The problem with a zombie TV show is the fact that regardless of how good/bad the writing is, and how many stars you put in it, if you want the zombies to look good, the FX budget will make it a financial liability. My guess, if it makes it to production, it lasts half a season or less.
That's only with up close and well lit detail necessity. For a TV show you can get away with a lot, from distance shots to nighttime shots not needing every minuscule detail.

And honestly the FX aren't needing to be HD nitpick quality. Mess up the face, sure, take the time for detail there. But just get some torn clothes with quick blood and wounds applied and it all can be done in a more affordable (and less time consuming) way. Hire a guy who's missing an arm, apply some fake skin on the stub, and voila quick/easy/cheap zombie that'll look awesome.
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