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SpringFeed Springs. Any Length.

Hey everyone,

I have custom made springs for springfeeds for sale. I will continue to make these as long as there is a demand for them.

I can cut any length up to 6 feet.

The price is:
6 dollars per foot, 50 cents per inch.

These will fit inside sheridan feedtubes. And mostly any other sort of feed tube.
These springs are very professional and reliable. They will not collapse in on themselves.
Here's a pic of the springs.

Here's pic of one in my kp. The original one was rubish and collapsed on itself. I didn't make the original one that died.
And dont worry the wire isn't copper it's steel thats been treated with a coating to prevent rust.

Here's a pic for size comparison.

Here is a pic of a spring in my kp almost fully compressed. Note how each coil falls onto the next. This is what a quality spring should do when compressed.

A spring for a standard PGP's feedtube is 6 inches long.
A spring for a standard KP-2's feedtube is 9 inches long.
I'll edit this once I determine the length needed for other sheridan/brass guns.

If you want a complete springfeed system installed onto your sheridan valved style of marker (PGP, Kps, P68s, Pursuit Pistols, ect...) you can pm me for details.

Thanks everyone!
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