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Brass and Wood Fan
Post WilD's Most Wanted

This is a list of things you might be able to sell to me. Items in bold are highest priority.

  • BBT Westwood (or possibly other BBT custom cockers)
  • P&P Supercocker
  • Splat Attack Revenge (V1 and V2)
  • Rudy Dean Autococker
  • Jackal Customs Autococker with the funky back block
  • Other nice custom Autocockers, prefer splash or sponge anno
  • RTP Viper of any configuration (Intimidators too)
  • Mac-1 or Stan Russel custom Sheridans
  • Combat Connection Enforcer
  • Cal Ordnance Mercenary
  • Palmer pumps, Hounstooth, Paladin, etc.

  • I'm always interested in reasonably priced Autococker or Sheridan parts lots
  • Autococker threaded J&J brass barrels with funky porting
  • Autococker threaded Carter barrels
  • Autococker threaded Long Shot BL/SS barrels in various bore sizes
  • Carter or Rat Attack bucket changers
  • Battle Boy barrel bags
  • Sheridan PG bolt
Please PM me if you wish to discuss a deal regarding any of the above.

For reference these are the type J&J of barrels I buy:

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