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Originally Posted by Ghost334 View Post
Uhm basically trigger adjustment. Everything else was kind of trial-and-error putting it back together but I didn't have time to gas it up again and figure out how the trigger pull was adjusted. For a quicker release does the black ramp thingy need to be near the front of the gun or the rear?

I agree completely about the pump rod on a Phantom... I love my Ghost even though I've only had about 35 rounds through it... so much nicer. I've got a Hogue M16 grip on my Phantom that I ADORE but even the Ghost grip feels better, I think (it's a little thinner). I think I'll probably leave the feed tube at 15 rounds. Now I'm just waiting on my PPS barrel and that scenario game on March 6th heh...
Slide the ramp backwards to make it fire earlier in the trigger pull. The set screw in the front of the trigger obviously limits excess forward travel. Most likely you'll set that so the safety can just be applied with a little clearance.
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