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Hi, another USP owner here. So far I've only shot some reballs in the shop with it but I'm looking forward to using it in some tighter games or as a backup this summer.

A local field had a special end of the day Pistol Duel event last year and RussC mentioned that they'll likely do it again a time or two this summer. They were one on one duels lasting two minutes and there were videos of it that were online. If Russ sees this he may still have the link to them.

I'll have to see how the cartridge swapping works out. But I've been thinking about an adapter to let me use one of my pump 3.2 oz bottles on the grip. Not sure if it'll be to the back or if it'll be to the front ala Hawaiian style. But that would eliminate the fumbling with the 12 gm's mid game and let me concentrate on the tube loading..

ScrapIron, is there a link to the loading method you are using? Or could you describe it? I've heard of the letting one ball fall into the body and then use a finger through the opening to ramp the others past it but it's not working very well for me for some reason. I'm thinking seriously of ovalizing the ball opening enough to make it load faster and more smoothly but still be small enough for the gate to keep the balls in place.
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