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Originally Posted by sdawg View Post
My 1992 autococker has stock internals. I took off the inline reg and replaced it with a stabilizer (don't want to deal with internal adjustment).

But, yesterday, I tried chronoing it using just direct braided line that screws into the vert ASA (scavanged off of my F4). My powersource is regulated HPA at 750 psi, and I know that this cocker was designed to run on CO2 which is normally 500-800 or so in normal temperatures, and that the stock inline was added to the cocker design later in the 90s.

Using just the gas-through, and all other things being equal, I found that I could either get 260 FPS or 300 FPS+, but had a hard time getting the 270-280 that is ideal for the field where I play regularly (their limit is 280).

If I use a PPS Stabilizer as teh inline reg, will I be able to get more consistent velocities? Or, will I just be adding to my frustration due to having one more component to adjust?

Well ALL Hpa systems change output pressure (goes up) as the tank pressure goes down. Your cocker will drop in FPS as the tank goes down in pressure, because the pressure goes higher and doesnt let the valve open as long. So If you wanna go unregged Co2, that will work, as long as the days temp stays decently level. But Hpa will give you problems without a secondary reg, only an older Max-Flow would be recomended IMHO, without a secondary reg and Nitro Ducks older "Mega regs" were capable of not using a secondary reg, but I never really liked them (personal preferance). To answer your question, yes a secondary reg will give you better consistancy, once its set to the right pressure, you wont have to touch it.
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