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Here is my old cat named Taz.

She passed away last month. My family had her for 18 years and she made all of them very interesting. Any thing smaller then her was food alnd any thing larger was a threat to her territory (cept for her family). Many dogs were on the wrong side of this cat and paid the price. I had heard of "Tortie-tude" but experienced it first hand with this cat. She spent the last 7 years living with my dad in St. Paul, MN spoiled rotton.

This is my whole brood of cats at my current place.

My girlfriend had 3 cats and I had 2 cats. When I moved in we couldn't get rid of any of them so now there are 5. (there are 5 in the 2 pictures)
Cow = Short hair Black/White, duh she looks like a milk cow, she is a polydactyl cat (lots of toes)
Lurk(er) = Lynx Point Tabby, she lurks and hides from everyone cept me, biggest out of all the cats
Sonic = Long Hair Tan Tabby, when he was little he looked more like a hedgehog then a cat, the only boy outta all of them
Hey-Low = Long Hair Classic Tabby, she was known as "little one" and I called her "low", she came up to great me and it was "hey low" and it stuck, also known as "fluffy but" since her tail just as fluffy as her body
Flash = Meduim Hair Tortie, she has a blaze/flash on her nose, she also has a bad case of tortie-tude and we found her on mother's day 2k9

My house is full of cat hair is full of cat hair all the time (my vacumes hate me)
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