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Smile DONE: My Pneumatic Hair Triggered 'Cocker

Hey Guys.
I had some time over our long Canadian Weekend to finish off this project. Thanks to the inspiration of Kmac and Dman00 from Custom Cockers and to Mag79 for his kit: Mag79 Kit
Voila! Here is my version of the Pneumatic cocker aka pneucocker (or pneu cocker).

I've added some of couple of interesting features:
- Swing Arm version of the MSV
- Adjustable Magnetic trigger return
- Trigger stop replaces the leaf switch. Set @ ~2mm gap
- Gas through barbs @ front block
- Full sized mounting plate for ridgidy

I had a chance to test her out for the first time on the field yesterday.
All I can say is "Wow!"
I was easily keeping up with the electros on the field.
The trigger pull is as light as the original SF frame. The Magnets aren't necessary but it gives it a nice quick return.

Spyder's Fasta 18v boasts 30bps but since it is not a true force feed loader I was easily outshooting it with one finger.
As a newbie to swing frames I'm could barely walk it with any rhythm.

Who could imagine? I need a Prophecy to keep up with a mechanical cocker.

I intentionally used a Mini Rock LPR which has a larger air chamber providing me the the extra air volume.

... Hmmm... what to do next? Maybe a Slider version? :P

- Badger
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