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Originally Posted by MondoMor View Post
More precisely, the SA-8 doesn't have a user-adjustable relief. It's set at a fixed pressure. If it did, I likely wouldn't have gotten those ~60fps spikes.

I'd love to see someone do something like this with a TPX, though the method would be obviously different. And a Sydarm...
I've got a TPX. they use a similar system to the Tib guns. it's a dump valve out the back of the reg - you set velocity then lower the dump valve until it just leaks - then tighten it back a touch. With the CO2 up front I would have to shoot up in the air then over the chrono.

and yes, the SA8 will vent at some point I assume - just at pressures that will get the velocity way over 300 fps. I'm curious what the highest pressure the T8's dump valve will allow - or more specifically, how fast it will let the gun shoot.
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