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AirHog on the Milsim Owner's Group posted this e-mail from RAM:

From RAMGuns;

The number of ball it holds depends on barrel length, anywhere from 12-20.
As I am told the barrel lengths will be 10", 12" and 18"

It is pump action.
The balls are loaded into a magazine tube just below the barrel, like a real shotgun.

It has the same air connection as all standard paintball guns and Real Action Markers. The marker is mostly aluminum just like the rest of the RAM guns; the only plastic I can think of is on the fore end (pump). The markers are just a little lighter than a real shotgun.

We are currently taking pre-orders, the more we get the faster we can get the Hong Kong office to send us production model. My best estimate is 30 days, but it may be as long as 60 days.

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