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Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
Actually, you just gave me motivation You see, I had used marpat as tube cover back when it was qloaded. I transferred that idea over to the warp feed hosing. I was sitting on the fence about trying to duracoat the warp feed, or to just build a cover when I saw yours. I thought- it doesn't look half bad so I said 'screw the time, cost and effort of doing the duracoat, just build a cover'

How do you keep yours on? Mine's open in the back (for easy access to battery compartment and feed button) and I use two attached velcro straps (one on the top and one on the rear) to hold it on and it works pretty good.
LOL...thanks. I too considered duracoat but thought better of it.

Yeah...I bought a few yards of MARPAT on EBay for a project involving my daughter's scenario vest. After I was done with it, I have about a yard x 50" left. I made a paper template to go over/around the Warp and it attaches over the TOP with two bands of Velcro and one big "flap" underneath to access the battery door - as opposed to the 'rear' on yours. Mine also sports the 12V mod so 'power' is not an issue. I've not needed to use the "advance" button so I never made a provision to have direct access to it...but I can get to it by just pushing the cover and it turns [if I need to]. I also have an on/off slider switch installed onto the back of mine so I needed direct access to it...which is why I left the back [faces me] open.
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