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Name: Gus Tidlund

Location: Troy, NH (Why does everyone else live near the stores??? Manchester/Nashua/Concord area...aren't their any other pumpers in the southwest woods?)

Home field: My back yard...air bunkers, two small woods fields that can be played separately or together, and Fort Ticonderoga! I want to try every other field within two or three hours, but it just doesn't seem to be happening this year ('06)! I am a former member of Farmland Paintball Club, the best group of pumpers in the upper mid-west! Of course while there I played at Alamo Paintball, and the free pump games at Splat-Tag!

Guns: System X Vengence 2.0 pump with Pimp kit (You can say all you want about Sys X; this thing works GREAT for me!), PGP, PMI-1 (from Big Old Skool is in the mail!), Evil Omen 1.0 with lowrise clamping feed neck, Piranha EXT Pro G-3 with Terminator Barrel, Sheriden XTS, Vulcan (plastic pump picked up at wally-world for $ very first marker!)

When I play: I was playing 2-3 times a month until I moved here...I have a paintball field in my back yard and no one to shoot! Been averaging about once every 6-8 weeks. Surfing PB forums is my only fix these days!

Game Types: Woods and speedball. Like to play both. Never played a big scenario game, but would love to try it.

How/Where I play: I will play semi when I need to, but I have been focusing most of my attention on pump and stock play. I like a mid to front position, even though I am not a small guy. Sometimes, I'll do the sneaky sniper thing, but more often I like the strategic team push: Rush to find them, then work the angles and take em out. I don't like to be a defender. I do like working the tape line!
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