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BSCustoms AM High flow/ Low pressure valves

Well this is what the end product will look like for this version. This is my low pressure valve that i put in all of my illusions, drastically reducing pressure and sound signature.

After lots of testing and many proto-types this is what i found to work best for LP operations. Sweet spot is between 200-250 psi depending on what internals you have.

This particular valve is going to splatttttttt as he offered to right up a full review and test it out to give me his opinion on it.

THESE ARE NOT YET FOR SALE!!! got the cnc code written today.



Devolumizer + HP friendlier valve
Lighter Valve springs
Lighter and Heavier hammers

And a few other goodies, I am but a single man that gets quite busy at times.(mostly due to my poor impulse control and this dumb website making me want to build things) But through me AM will live!!

~~Please do not yet start PMing me for ordering information, im not going to be another pre-order machinist (that never works out). When they are available ( very very soon) i will list how many are available and it will be first come first serve.~~

Please, Enjoy.
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