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Originally Posted by SN toter View Post
I know right? Maybe someday one of the owners will realize that most other fields withing 40 mi have AFFORDABLE paint and lower the price per case to $55-$60...hell even the All American Pball Park has cases for $55ish, and we KNOW how much SP loves money!

Jackson I'll have to look into that, thanks! I'll be rocking one of my classic RT's, breakin out the vintage baby!
Yeah, their paint is insane on normal days. My suggestion is getting a Membership. The price drops to $55 and free entry. It costs +$100 up front but if you play and/or shoot a lot, it pays for itself quickly.

For scenario games paint drops to $65 but admission goes up to $35.

But I'm not really complaining, I'm playing for free all year at TRP. Being a mission designer for Mission Masters which works side by side with TRP, I'm paid in a Gold Membership card (free admission and air) and 10 cases free for the year.
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