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New gun rack to go along with the Halo rack...

as also seen on my forum at:

well, i finally got tired enough of having the gun in my "In Box" just sitting all over my i cleared off the top of my gun cabinet and built myself a new gun rack...

it fits 12 guns comfortably and up to 15 in a jam...currently its filled with guns that are on loan to me, guns that are waiting to be fixed, and guns that are waiting to go back to their owners after repairs have been done.

each slot is ~2in wide, just enough to fit any gun i've found easily...there are three spaces on the end that are ~3in wide for special occasions, or as there is one right now with its accompanying barrel kit.


total it cost me about $35 to make in wood prices...i used the best and straightest stuff i could find...i think it was shelving material...and it took about an hour and a half or 2 hours to complete after measuring, cutting, and assembling...

i like it, it keeps the guns from just sitting in a pile on top of the work bench or gun cabinet
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